Nomadways and the WeMen workshop

Nomadways, a  collective of  international kick-ass artivists, organised the WeMen project - a 15 day workshop in May 2018, bringing together 24 youth workers, visual artists, gender activists and theoreticians from 8 European countries to work collectively on issues of gender equality and equity.

In order to involve  young people in reflection on gender issues through the use of creative digital tools, the production of the project was to be largely in the form of comic strips and a collective comic book. Nomadways have produced a booklet describing the different workshops - feel free to be inspired here! Wemen_booklet_S

The Expussytionists

Several 'deviant' off-shoots of the WeMen collective were inspired to congregate, coagulate and continue to co-create after the workshop - becoming The Expussytionists -  determined on bringing the gender bending revolution to you through continued art-action diversification.

The truth behind Wemen and the EXPUSSYTIONISTS

or how we became a crack(ed) team of gender benders and stereotype stompers.

In the beginning...

Nomadways comic


Nomadways artivists Androgenius Dreamboat, KindaKinky Kickass and HandyAlandy are kicking around a few ideas in Homade......ideas like 'artists rock!' and 'what's for tea?' and 'why do women always make the tea?'
'why don't more women make films?'
'who says girls should wear pink?'
'Why is our media full of sexist images?'
'how do sexist stereotypes control our lives?'
'Is gender really binary?'

hit for help button

Our intrepid artivists realise they don't have all the answers and call for help....a desperate call from La France Profonde(ly patriarchal).

The image strikes a chord with many artivists already sensitized to destructive and dangerous gender stereotypes - some already in the forefront of smashing taboos…

Homemade in Homade (Brivezac, 19120 France)

Homade  becomes the nerve centre for an intensive and rigourous 'joyous bordel' 15 day workshop.

A motley band of 20 diverse and divergent artivists arrive at Homade, the space/time-warp bubble artivist base-camp, and are put through their paces by the Nomadways team, and each other, in an intensive series of workshops - a gender bender initiation into the art of smashing stereotypes.
The diverse assignments, tasks and practical experiments range from the sublime to the ridiculous: from dada poetry to posing as a lamp, from trial by giant butterfly to discovering the joys of female peepee aids, from rainbow nourishment to playing ‘Life’s a bitch’, from crossing the line of the oppressed to wearing De Bono’s 6 hats and yet more….

Much laughter and music, some tears and an enormous amount of creativity produce copious amounts of artwork, some of it brilliant some of it not!


After two weeks of intensive gender bender immersion therapy a disheveled collection of out of this world creatures emerge blinking at the end of the rainbow.

These are THE WEMEN!

wemen comic characters

...    and amongst the 24 Wemen are the off-beat off-shoot who are set to create their own gender bender revolution!

Meet the # Expussytionists!

Astro Maestro

Spaced out consummate vagina-painting aficionado, out of this world and on cloud nine, curious as a (pussy)cat - asks the question to get the ball rolling, ball rolls and  s-knowballs til genders rock n’roll.

Also known as ...

Filmmaker and artivist - I strive to bring people together and become more accepting. In my art I try to present different points of view over a variety of themes. Make people say 'wow' or just laugh. Facebook Alexander Georgiev

Elsnon Coffeemé turning into Artfused/Confused? Coffeeholic

Using the coffee as a social antidote to discuss about feminism and gender - as well as increasing awareness among youngsters about these and other related social issues

Also known as ...

Youth and social worker trying to enable the young to grow up conscious, self-confident, hopeful, kind and eventually activists.

Dirty Dada Diva-i-ant

Big Dadda of improvisation reaches with tentacular precision  into  hidden drawers bringing the dirty linen out of the closet and into the public  washbasin - scrub those stained stereotypes and hanging them out to dry.

Also known as ...

Bad actor, sad poet, climate artivist and cultural studies expert. For several years he has been following the trends in the changing postmodern culture. He has written on diverse topics such as about contemporary entertainment with regards to medieval carnival, baroque influences in modern, electronic music. Passioned about postapocaliptical phenomenons of the anthropocene age. Currently working in the Galleries of Contemporary Art (BWA) in Wrocław, Poland.

Hairy Humungusset

Fights like a girl and beats the hell out of gender discrimination with riotous pussy cat claw paw power.

Also known as ...

Hannah is a reportage illustrator, working with art to document individual stories and collective narratives. She specialises in using the arts to create spaces for conversations and facilitates people expressing their own stories through illustrations, murals and comic strips. Having studied International Development and South Asian Studies, at SOAS, she focuses on issues concerning migration, gender, development and refugees. Website

Human Bean

The beeng with the bonng ! Shoots green stalks ensnaring Jack and his fellow misogynists in their own shit  and provides an escape route to the rainbow for kindred spirits.

Also known as ...

Joana is an artist and activist from Lisbon, Portugal. She studied arts and multimedia, but soon became interested in non formal education and started to dedicate her time to expressing her ideas and values through her art and writing. She has a wicked sense of humour and a soul-singers voice.

Website Joana Maria Neves

Rainbow Hand becoming Gender Fuckoff Slapper

Born to be a trouble-maker, a feminist progender trouble-maker:

¨Hey girl! Touch me like you do¨ he says… and automatically his face was slapped by the fury of the rainbow of all LGBTI+ fingers.

¨Next time you dare to say something like this on the street, call Hairy Humungusset and you will see how intense are her (claw) touches - BOOM!” While waving him, slapper left.

Also known as ...

Hanna Zwierzchowska an artist, art educator and feminist. You can see her work here

Red Rabbit

A hypnotised red rabbit, living underground, eating toothpaste, collecting antique watches and building a time-machine to travel back in time to stop witch hunts during the 1800s...

Also known as ...

Film-maker and acting coach from Istanbul, Turkey. You may find some of his works here:

Red Air Armageddon

Inspires creativity until fully inflated, flies high as a kite to spy the gender-land and hurls itself at the tiniest discriminatory barb, exploding those stereotypes into oblivion! What a way to go!

Also known as ...

Dreamer, poet, artivist, musician... all around social struggle. Trying to be better inside and get a better world outside. Justice is not a promise! Website

Sockstar Oh-la-la Marspreader

Coming from Mars to spread the non-binary word to the narrow-minded beings ruling The Earth. Tired of explaining its Martian gender identity, it decides to lead strange -but cool- drag performances and creates a SockScarf Union full of non-common smelly colourful socks which are happy to cycle while spreading the word

Also known as ...

Psychologist, youth worker and anarchofeminist standing for LGTBIQA+ rights. Trying to leave this world a bit better than how I found it by cycling to empower feminism, environmental awareness and personal freedom to ‘just be you’.

Spiky Gert-Rude

Seemingly an innocuous little beastie but actually master of multi-tasking - bursting that bubble of capitalism with spiky revolutionary thoughts, growing an alternative world in the garden and not shopping in Carrefour all at the same time! Planting the seed of Treesisters wherever there is fertile ground.

Also known as ...

Webspinner, English language facilitator, activist,immigrant,feminist, philosopher and for many years a lawn-mower! - potentially resilient-network-weaver contributing to designing regenerative cultures. Website Kim Goddard - webweaver